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Knowing which life safety products are approved for multi-family wood truss construction can be confusing for everyone. Aire Technologies’ True Truss is a game changer.

Combination Fire & Smoke Dampers

Aire Technologies’ Combination Fire & Smoke Dampers = IMPROVED PERFORMANCE!  The TRD (Temperature Responsive Device) on our Combination Fire & Smoke Dampers is now externally located to maximize duct free area for improved airflow. See our updated submittal for more information. Aire Technologies works to continually improve products for our customers. Request a quote today from

Don’t make your job any harder.

Now you can install ATI Fire Dampers or Combination Fire & Smoke Dampers with only one set of retaining angle. Save money and time in a simplified installation process. Contact your local rep or for more information.

New Series 58 Now Available

Series 58 Dampers are now available with a round inlet. Our Series 58 Ductboard Plenum Boxes are L-587 and P-556 rated for 1 hour combustible wood-truss floor/ceiling assemblies. The new round inlets for the 58DC and 58EAC are ideal for use above an AHU connected by flex duct. Contact to request a quote on your next job.

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Commitment to Service

Some of the largest HVAC contractors select Aire Technologies as their partner for HVAC air management and life safety devices.

At Aire Technologies, Inc. there are unsurpassed teams of support from engineering and technical, that stand behind each product to ensure you have the right appliance to meet the requirements of your design or installation, to sales marketing, manufacturing, shipping and lastly an unrivaled customer service team to get you what you need, when you need it.

Some of the largest HVAC contractors select Aire Technologies as their partner for HVAC air management and life safety devices. This is because they respect the partnership and the added value ATI brings to their business! Aire Technologies goes the extra mile to deliver more than quality products; they deliver peace of mind and a commitment to excellence.

As a part of continued success and product development ATI invests in solutions for product design as well as production issues with their in-house testing facility to meet the ever-changing requirements of UL, SMACNA, NFPA, ARL, etc.

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